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Success Stories: How Suomen Asbestitekniikka Oy Boosted Efficiency with a New System

A few months back, Suomen Asbestitekniikka Oy adopted the Kvalilog® system to streamline the monitoring and reporting of asbestos removal operations.

According to project manager Petri Lindberg, the system proved to be exceptionally effective:

The implementation of the system was really easy, thanks to the training session organized by the Kvalilog® team. Paper is no longer needed at our sites except in the sanitary facilities. The employees enter the data of the work site with a mobile device, as does the person performing the air measurement. Loggers, measuring pumps and ampoules are all QR-coded, so there is no need to fill in labels even in laboratories. The system is secure and transparent. We can now monitor the pressure differences in the compartments in real time, which is very important in order to guarantee safety at site. Once the sample result is in the system, the handover report can be delivered in a few minutes. This means faster and better service for our customers. We highly recommend Kvalilog® .

Kvalilog® system developer Priit Mullamaa handed over the new loggers to Petri Lingberg of Suomen Asbestiteknikan.
Kvalilog's founder Priit Mullamaa handed over the new loggers to Petri Lingberg of Suomen Asbestitekniikka.

Suomen Asbestiteniikka Oy is one of Finland's leading asbestos demolition companies with over 30 years of experience. The company offers services from asbestos surveys to demolition of asbestos and other harmful substances. With the help of Kvalilog, the safety and efficiency of asbestos demolition sites has now risen to an even higher level.


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