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Kvalilog® is an innovative monitoring and reporting system specifically designed to enhance the documentation and safety of asbestos removal.

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Kvalilog® takes the documentation of asbestos removal to a whole new level

Kvalilog® has been designed to enhance the monitoring and documentation processes involved in asbestos removal. 

By doing so, it not only improves safety and productivity but also generates cost savings.

How Kvalilog® works

Uuden purkutyökohteen luominen nopeasti

Create a new work site in less than a minute

Before starting asbestos removal, basic information about the site and the demolition tasks to be carried out is entered into the logger. This information is then seamlessly transferred to a cloud service. With the logger's preloaded default texts and address book, generating a new site is a quick and easy.

Alipaineen reaaliaikainen seuranta asbestityön aikana

Real-time monitoring during work

You can monitor the level of negative pressure in the asbestos removal site in real time from anywhere, allowing you to quickly respond to any deviations or hazardous situations. This enhances the safety of the asbestos removal work.

Asbestipurkutyön jälkeinen ilmamittaus paperittomasti

Paperless air sampling

With Kvalilog®, there's no need for pen and paper anymore! Air sampling can be conducted entirely without the hassle of filling out paper forms. All the essential site information is effortlessly transferred through a QR code. All the sampler needs to do is record the quantity of air pumped and capture photos of the completed work.

Ilmanäytteiden analysointi asbestilaboratoriossa

Laboratory analysis

The work site information is seamlessly transmitted to the laboratory conducting the air sample analysis through the QR code on the sample ampoule. The laboratory analysis report is then uploaded to the system, and the results are updated in real time to the logger.

Asbestipurkutyön jälkeinen luovutusraportti

Sending the handover report 

Post-work reporting is done quickly and on-the-go with a mobile device – even right on-site as soon as the air sample is confirmed clean. Kvalilog® seamlessly gathers all the necessary information into the asbestos work handover report, making it easy and fast to send.

The asbestos work handover report is an important document for the client and the property owner.

Thorough documentation is essential for safe asbestos removal, as it verifies the safety of the site for future use. Kvalilog® provides a solution for gathering and reporting the necessary information for the asbestos work handover document.


The Kvalilog® asbestos work handover report includes:

  1. Site information: Client and contractor details, date, scope, and content of the asbestos removal work.

  2. Clearance certificate: Information on the air sample and the laboratory's analysis report.

  3. Negative pressure monitoring report: Detailed measurement documentation of the pressure level during the asbestos removal work.

  4. Photos of the site: Illustrating the quality of the work and ensuring that the required removal measures have been properly executed.

The Kvalilog® system efficiently consolidates all this information into a single location and effortlessly generates the handover report. This reduces the reporting time for the contractor and provides the client with a comprehensive overview of the work performed.


A comprehensive handover report is a proof of successful asbestos removal.

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Kvalilog® is used in Finland's leading asbestos and harmful substance laboratories. We are constantly building new partnerships, so please contact us if your laboratory is not yet on the list.

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