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Kvalilog® makes the asbestos contractor's everyday life easier

Work monitoring and reporting often cause headaches for asbestos contractors. Saving, collecting and coordinating the information required for the handover procedure for asbestos work is time-consuming and the possibility of errors is high.

Kvalilog® offers an effective solution for monitoring and documenting asbestos work. When data collection and reporting are handled smoothly, the demolition contractor can focus on what is essential – carrying out safe and high-quality work.

What is Kvalilog®?

Kvalilog® is a completely new type of monitoring and reporting system for asbestos work. It combines a logger and a cloud service into a whole, which enables real-time monitoring of the negative pressure level as well as efficient data transfer and reporting. Kvalilog gathers all the necessary information about the asbestos removal site and forms a comprehensive handover report, which is then easy to send to the client.

Why should a demolition contractor use it?

Safety: Kvalilog® enables real-time monitoring of the asbestos removal site from anywhere, so possible deviations can be reacted to immediately.

Efficiency and data transfer: The system is designed to speed up the work process and data transfer. The need to fill out paper forms disappears, and employees can focus on the essentials. Saving and sharing information is fast and easy.

Quality handover report: Kvalilog® compiles all the necessary information for the asbestos work handover report. The report is easy and quick to create, and it shows the quality of your work to your client. A reliable and carefully compiled handover document is proof of professional work.

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